Ranking System for NHC


Jan 11, 2022

How to Rank Your Heroes

There are 11 rankings based on a letter system and having a point range.

The ranking system is as follows.

I (initiate) 0-2
H (Hero) 3-4
G (Guru) 5-6
F (Formidable) 7-8
E (Exalted) 9-10
D (Dynamo) 11-13
C (Celestial) 14-22
B (Boundless) 23-31
A (Astral) 32-50
S (Supreme) 51-90
SS (Supreme Superhuman) 91-140
SSS (Sublime Supreme Superhuman) 141-1,000

The determination for which category a hero belongs to is how the person ranks in six ability areas and a multiplier.

The WISE-SD Ranking system assesses

Energy Projection

An average is taken of the attributes.

Ari Gibor, for example, is ranked as follows:

Wisdom - 10
Intelligence - 3
Speed - 6
Energy Projection - 0
Strength - 6
Durability - 9

Initial Ranking 5.67 G (Guru) hero

Another thing to consider is how skillfully the attributes are used in battle. This is determined by a multiplier ranging from 0 to 11.

Ari Gibor is a Super Martial Artist (SMA) and has excellent control and effective control of his abilities. His multiplier would be 1.3, giving a ranking of 7.37.
His actual WISE-SD ranking is 7.37, classifying him as an F (Formidable) ranked hero.