NHC's Hillelium Power System


Jan 11, 2022

The Hillelium (NHC's cluster of multi-verses) has power systems to explain and define the scope and limits of its superpowered characters. This article examines the primary multiverses.

The Hillelium (NHC's cluster of multi-verses) power system developed on the advice of Midnight X Cross in her YouTube video titled "How To Create A Shounen Power System (For Your Manga/Comic/Novel!)."

Spiritual Energy is the core of the power system. To use superpowers, martial arts, and magic, you must have spirit energy.

Spirit energy can be collected and increased through study, prayer, meditation, ceremonies, and so forth.

Spirit energy is vast. However, a living organism can only contain so much of it (unless its body is strengthened).

Once the energy runs out, powers, martial techniques, spells, and so forth can no longer be used.

Collecting and using spirit energy in the Hillelium depends on having one or all of the following: Eloi, comprehension through learning and contemplation, talent for spirit energy gathering, or all of the above.

Spirit Energy is something anyone can wield if they have met at least one of the criteria. Whether they use it for good or evil is up to them.

The power can be flashy or invisible; it depends on the person's ability, strength, and skill.

Overuse of energy can lead to exhaustion and, in extreme situations, death.

Spirit Energy typically exists in two forms: Positive and Negative spirit energy.

All wielders of spirit energy must learn to utilize it so that their application does not conflict internally. To be safely used, an internally consistent power system must be implemented.

The methods to utilize spirit energy came into being because spirit energy was both easy to use and gather in the early days of creation.

As time passed, it became increasingly difficult to control and gather.

This is why the Eloi were created, martial systems were founded, and spells were contrived.

Using a power system in the NHC Hillelium is part of the story, but not the story itself.

More articles will be written about the NHC's power system (PS).