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The NHC Mission

​​When I was a child, I always believed that if I were given powers, I would use them, like my favorite heroes, to help people.

I believed that a person given power should use it for the good, and if they didn't, they were a bad guy.

At that time superhero comics engaged the imagination and uplifted positive ideas of heroism and morality.

But as I grew older, superhero comics became more and more about using power to pursue selfish goals.

I couldn't tell the difference between the good guys and bad guys. Kingdom Come, an Alex Ross masterpiece, conveyed this problem directly.

Comics lost a sense of hope and belief that things could be better. Instead, comics' positive moral system based on reason and universal values was replaced by an ever-changing moral system based on emotion and selfishness.

New Hero Comics is a comic publishing company intent to spread hope, happiness, and the best kind of heroism.

Get more of my story in my article "The Odd Odyssey: From Comics to Comics"

The Atomic Superhero

Cross Over Into the NHC Universe

Join us on this journey of adventure, self-exploration, and remember what a hero is - powerful even without power.

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