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Student Art Course


Student Art Course


Comic Art Fundamentals

Learn the basics of how to draw comics.

Six-Week Art Course for Students ages 10+

Cost per Course: $120 USD

By the end of the course, your student will complete one full comic book page.


Each class builds on the previous one. 

  • Online Instruction

  • Sundays 20:00-21:00 Israel / 12:00-13:00 CST 

Fundamentals Course covers:

  • Single Comic Page (Pencils)

    • Comic Page Layout

    • Basic body anatomy (kid appropriate)

    • Basic perspective

    • How to Insert Word Balloons (it's an art form in itself!)

  • Single Comic Page (Inks)

    • Uses page created in Comic Art 1  

    • Ink Panels for a Comic Page

    • Basic Inking techniques

    • Basic Inking Tools


"Missouri Torah Institute was privileged to have Hillel teach our students art classes via Zoom. Hillel presented clear lessons with well-defined objectives. He created a friendly environment and was ready and available to answer questions often providing exemplars to explain.


Our students learned proportions, perspective, and how to properly size objects. They learned techniques for how to express characteristics when drawing a character and how to depict different body parts. The boys got to put the skills they learned into practice by creating their very own cartoon character!


I highly recommend New Hero Comics!"

Rabbi Menachem Wachsman | Menahel

"Highly Recommend!"

Leah Gottleib | Parent


Thanks for registering! We’ll get in touch soon.

Questions? Older or advanced student? Contact us!

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